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Irish Smartcard firm Cardbase accquired by UK company

The role of smartcards in society is growing, Eamonn Kearns for is 4th year project in tbe Bsc in Software developement, wrote an application for GP’s and pharmacies to faciliatate the issuing of prescriptions.
Some of my colleagues in Tipperary Institute were involves in projects several years ago to develop smart card apps. The lack of standards at the time, casted a negative light on smart card development.
With the emerging open standards for developing apps using Java, the hurdles of developing apps are starting to look less daunting.
As the market grows companies are trying to accquire expertise and skills. Cardbase is an irish firm that has been acquired by UK smartcard systems firm ID Data for EUR3.42 million (STG2.28 million).
Smartcard firm ID Data buys Cardbase