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Demand for experienced IT professionals in Ireland is reaching the pre dot com bubble levels

TIPPINST – From coffee and email conversations with friends and colleagues in the IT sector there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that in the past 6 – 12 months the demand for experienced IT professionals has reached levels seen in the era of 1998 – 2000. Companies such as Google, IBM and Ericsson have been consistently advertising for the past few months for software, network and system engineers.
With the boom economy that Ireland is experiencing students seem to gravitate towards arts/humanities oriented courses with the confidence that they can decide on a career path in 3 – 4 years time. This procrastination and avoidance of courses that are traditionally viewed as “more challenging” such as IT and engineering is resulting in an IT skills vacuum that will have to be filled. For the students who have chosen IT or engineering, and are willing to make an effort and engage in these courses, they can look forward to a more positive future than would have been imagined four years ago.