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lidl satellite dish installation photos

I have received a few comments from people who have read my earlier article on installing the lidl satellite dish.
Its very important that the arm holding the lnb is horizontal as can be seen in the picture below. (Click on image for a larger version)

Another problem you may run into is that the mounting bracket may be installed upside down. This does not cause any immediate probelms but does mean the dish can move in very high winds.
The image below is a close up of the mounting bracket. Two things worth noting are the ground symbol in the top right hand side of the image and the fact that the angle of the dish is 22 – 23 degrees approx (There is a very small pointer on the bracket, this is located on the bottom left hand part of the bracket)
I orginally had the bracket the other way round and was having to adjust the dish as it would move. Since I reinstalled the bracket the right way round there has been no movement.

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