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Security Flaw in Linksys Wireless router

Alan W. Rateliff had reported a security flaw with the LinkSys WRT54G wireless router
He has discovered that even if the remote
administration function is turned off, the WRT54G provides the administration web page to ports 80 and 443 on the WAN.
This allows remote users to attempt guessing the passwords using brute force methods, even though you the administrator think that this type of access is not possible.
He reported this to LinkSys (along with a number of other non-security
related issues) on April 28 and so far has received no reponse addressing this, and no
updated firmware has yet appeared on their firmware page
A number of people have said to be recently that they have not been happy with Linksys since the accquistion of Cisco due to changes made to some of the Linksys equipment, I cannot comment from my own experience but the voice of disquiet appears to be growing.