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Linux being adopted into some College curriculums

Brian Harvey from Berkeley states that
“We tell our students that the software they’ll use throughout most of their career hasn’t been written yet, so they’d better learn the general principles and learn how to learn details as they go along, not feeling that they’re limited to the tools they use in our courses,”
At Tipperay Institute we adopt the same philosophy, Linux is covered in our practical labs for various subjects such as Operating Systems, Data Communications and Computer Networks. But we expect the students to be able to adopt to whatever Operating Systems that will evolve in the future.
It is interesting to see that Marist college in New York is expanding its Linux curriculum and will be offering a new class in “open source development methodology,”
I will watch with interest to see if these more focussed type courses will be accepted by industry.
As a third level institution we have to accept that the software and hardware industry is made up of both Open source and proprietary standards. Therefore our students need exposure to both the Microsofts and GNU licensed apps of this world.