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New MPLS Core Migration switches now shipping

With a possible recovery in the IT sector a number of companies are entering back into the telco market with a vengance.
The latest to enter the market is Hammerhead systems with the HSX 6000 Migration Edge Switch and the Pegador Network Management System. This enables service providers to migrate their $20 billion Frame Relay and ATM revenues onto their MPLS cores, while introducing Ethernet services with a profitable business model.
What is MPLS? The glossary from www.interoute.com provides a succint answer
MultiProtocol Label Switching. A short fixed-length label is generated that acts as a shorthand representation of an IP packet’s header. Subsequent routing decisions (made by Label Switched routers) are made based on the MPLS label and not the original IP address. This new technology allows core network routers to operate at higher speeds without needing to examine each packet in detail, and allows more complex services to be developed, allowing discrimination on a QoS basis.
Unlike other companies that have announced similar products, this product is now shipping.
Hammerhead is a post-bubble startup, having been founded in January 2002 by veterans who were at StrataCom and Ascend Communications.