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Collection of Multicore and multiprocessor articles on embedded.com

TIPPINST – Those extemely helpful people at embedded.com have created a page that lists all their articles on Mutlicore.
The articles are extensive and well written and include the following.
Putting Multicore Processing in Context Part 2
*Virtual system prototypes ease embedded multicore design
*Simulating and debugging multicore behavior
*Applying distributed system concepts to embedded multiprocessor designs: Part 2
*Applying distributed system concepts to embedded multiprocessor designs: Part 1
*Dealing with the design challenges of multicore embedded systems
* Using dual port interconnect to resolve multiprocessor system bottlenecks
*Putting multicore processing in context: Part One
*Using software synthesis for multiprocessor OS and software development
* Developing DSP code on converged hybrid DSP/RISC cores
*How to make your asymmetric multiprocessor design OS and CPU independent
*How to adapt traditional RTOSes to symmetric multiprocessing
* Picking the right RTOS for a hybrid RISC/DSP core
*Thread versus task management in a dual mode DSP/RISC RTOS *environment
* Simplify your multiprocessor-based network design with multicore FPGAs
* What Amdahl’s Law can tell us about multicores and multiprocessing
*Using an asymmetric multiprocessor model to build hybrid multicore designs
*Using system services for real time embedded multimedia applications
*Choosing the right multiprocessor development tools
* Use virtual prototypes to model multiprocessor system power needs
* Designing supersystems-on-chip(SSoC)
* Extreme partitioning
*Multiprocessor design for SoCs
*Getting the most from multiprocessor SoC design
A podcast version of the above would be highly desirable.