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Navigon 7210 – a decent Sat Nav for Irish roads

I purchased a navigon 7210 from Amazon.co.uk a few weeks ago and since then have been testing it on Irish roads. Navigon are a German company who bought Navteq’s software division (Nokia bought the maps division). The unit came loaded with maps for all of Europe.
 i also purchased two years of map updates for all of Europe for 20 euros (normal price 100 euros). A voucher enclosed with the sat nav allowed me to obtain an 80% discount.
The Navigon 7210 uses Navteq maps similar to the Garmin (TomTom now use tele atlas). I am impressed with mapping of streets and housing estates. The unit powers up quickly and has a large display. The routing algorithms include optimum, fast, short and scenic.You can search for POIs (Places Of Interest) near a location. My only issue is that adding POIs is not permitted, you can purchase a third party app to add custom POIs and download from the internet for 20 euros. I did purchase this app but have not reallu started to use it yet,
The Navigon 7210 is very quick to recalculate routes (2 – 3 seconds normally), I have not yet used reality view pro etc on the unit as it seems to be only available for certain busy motorway interchanges.
We bought the Navigon 7210 for family holidays in Ireland and we think that it ticks all those boxes.