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ncpmount use gutsy proposed instead of feisty fawn

A colleague pointed out the following solution for ncpmount.
Instead of using feisty configure synapatic to use gutsy proposed (packages that haven’t found their way into the distribution i.e well tested beta, with a new april release they will appear in 8.04) and gutsy backport (latest versions that are not being proposed to appear in gutsy but will appear in 8.04)
Open Synaptics Package Manager
Click Settings – Repositories
Click the Updates Tab
Check/enable the pre-released (gutsy proposed)
Check/enable Unsupported-updates(gutsy-backports)
Even though this is beta s/w it is far more desirable solution than using the feisty fawn repositories as you are getting later versions rather than older versions which reduces your security risk/exposure.
A big thank you to Eugene for this tip.