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Netronome accquire license to develop future generations of Intel 28XXX Network Processors

What was being whispered about has now become reality. Intel are dropping the development of future 28XX network processors and have licensed the technology to Netronome a deep packet inspection startup company. My PhD research focussed on the original NP the IXP 1200. This quirky little chip was a great academic research tool as you had to code all aspects of its execution.
The new breed of 28XX NPs have streamlined some of the development issues. I am not really surprised to see that Netronome plan to focus on builidng in layers 4 – 7 packet inspection. Several papers presented each year at NP conferences tended to intersect with this area. I hope the people I know in Intel who worked on these products are reassigned to useful roles as they are great bunch of talented engineers.
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