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New network processor from Force Computers

Force Computers, a Solectron company announced at SUPERCOMM 2004, CHICAGO, IL (June 22, 2004) announced their new NP product, the CPCI-920/922, its next generation CPCI/PICMG 2.16 network processor blade for Internet Protocol (IP) packet processing applications in telecommunications and data communications.
This product utilises the Intel IXP2400 NPU. The CPCI-920/922 offers a single or dual Intel® IXP2400 network processor design, and NPF compliant co-processor and media mezzanine interfaces. The CPCI-920/922 maximizes available IP processing performance for 2-4-Gigabit/sec. data rate packet processing segments.
Force is a a Premier member of the Intel® Communications Alliance. They are also making use of Teja Technologies to meet customer requirements for complete hardware-software solutions for these Force IXP-based network processor blades. Optimized for the CPCI-920/922 as part of its Intel IXP network processor platform, Teja NP™, incorporates an extensible application framework and forwarding-plane functionality, as well as the system resource management software and development tools needed to develop CPCI-920/922 applications.

Network Processor Master Thesis

Ioannis Charitakis has published his Masters Thesis online. His research concerns using the IXP1200 as a netwok intrusion detection system.
Unfortunately my ISDN connection at home is a bit to slow to download the full document and read it. I will wait until I am back at the office in Tipperary Institute.
At the NP3 conference in Madrid, several papers were presented on this area. Network intrusion is a growing niche area for network processors and as a community we are indebted to people like Ioannis who share their findings with us.

ISSC 2004 Belfast

I have been quiet busy the past few days preparing for the ISSC 2004 conference in Belfast where I will be presenting some findings from our succesful attempt to model the IXP1200 network processor using an OO language. The OO techniques included developing sequence and class diagrams of the IXP1200. This was very interesting excerise and allows the non network processor expert to quickly ascertain how the NP functions.
I am looking forward to attending this event and speaking with my peers in this area of research.

LG Electronics Ships Mindspeed Network Processor with Multi-Service Switch

LG Electronics Ships Mindspeed Network Processor with Multi-Service Switch
Guaranteeing 40Gbps with QoS is quiet a feat. What is interesting is that the network processor technology is finding its way into switches. The NP is shaping the ATM traffic through the use of several techniques. Using MPLS end to end Qos can be setup to utilise the TOS field in the IP header to label a traffic flow and have the NP treat this label with a certain priority