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PARC – still innovating after all this time

TIPPINST – When we discuss the history of the internet and computing in our software development and multimedia we refer to Xerox Palo Alto Research Center as being the brainchild for some of the technologies that we take for granted such as ethernet, GUI’s, laser printing, client/server. The research center is now known as Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated and is still innovating and researching, it has not been confined to history and continues to be at the bleeding edge of technological developments.
A forum that may be of interest to some readers is taking place on March 2nd 2006 titled “High Performance Throughput Computing” This will be published online at http://www.parc.com/events/forum/archive.php There is usually a video and audio format. Here are some details:
High Performance Throughput Computing
Dr. Marc Tremblay, Sun Fellow, Vice President, and Chief Architect, Sun’s Scalable Systems Group
This is the first Forum in a three part series exploring the benefits and challenges of Multicore computing. Marc Tremblay will be talking about the performance enhancements achieved using Sun’s 8 core Niagara computer chip.
Throughput Computing, achieved through a new generation of microprocessors composed of multiple multi-threaded cores, can lead to performance improvements that are 10 to 30x those of conventional processors and systems. In this talk I will discuss how the value of a robust, high-performance single thread leads to even higher throughput rates. I will also describe some of the techniques we are implementing in future mainstream processors that accomplish the somewhat conflicting goal of attacking both latency and throughput.
More details can be found here