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New site for POOSL

TIPPINST – Bart Theelen from the University of Eindhoven has been in touch to inform me that they have a new website for POOSL. www.es.ele.tue.nl/poosl
The new site intends to give a more complete overview of the POOSL language and the design methodology in which context POOSL has been developed.
Although this new website is still somewhat under construction, it includes (nearly) all information of the old website(s)
Most interesting is probably that the new website collects all publications that their group has produced on POOSL and related topics.
He also informed me that the recent FDL and DSD tutorials were a resounding success. Its great to see that there is a growing interest in this powerful but userfriendly modelling tool.
We are using POOSL to model and explore design issues regarding complex layer 3 routing devices.