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Designing applications for network-processor-based systems

The article below was written in 2001. While its estimate of NP revenue of 2.9 billion for 2004 is way out (its about 80 -100 million) the article itself provides a good explanation of the issues facing developers.
The author is Dr. Akash Deshpande who is CTO and founder of Teja Technologies Inc. (San Jose, CA). Brian Ramsey is director of product management and strategy for Teja Technologies Inc.
The following is taken from the article and is well worth noting.
“To create truly “wire-speed” network infrastructure based on NPUs, developers need a software development methodology that facilitates iterative performance and headroom testing and integrates system design, modeling, simulation, testing, tuning, and deployment of network-processor software. ”
Integrated Communications Design – Designing applications for network-processor-based systems