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Rip Off Republic – Digital Print Station “Smart s/w”

TIPPINST – The following occurred the other day when getting 100 digital prints developed. The photo store charges the following, Cost for 25 prints 5.99 and Cost for 50 prints 10.00
The digital print station made a big song and dance about wanting to know my name, phone number , starsign etc. The assistant was very helpful in guiding me through the process. The “smart s/w” then printed bill stating 4 X 25 prints = 23.96.
The following conversation took place
Me – “Why am I being charged 23.96?”
Assistant – “Thats what the photo print machine calculated”
Me- “Why 23.96 ?”
Assistant – “Well thats 4 packs of 25, so thats 23.96”
Me – “Don’t you charge 10 euro for 50 prints?”
Assistant – “Yes.. but the machine calculates it on 4 groups of 25?”
Me – “But that isn’t good enough, surely it can charge me 2 groups of 50 which would cost 20”
Assistant – “The machine groups them into 25”
Me – “Its more EXPENSIVE that way”
Assitant – “I kno,w but thats the way IT DOES IT”
Me- “That isn’t acceptable, can I speak to some one about this”
Assistant – “OK, but thats what the machine does”
Assistant speaks to Manager
Assistant – ” We will charge 20 for the 100 prints”
Me – “Thank you”
The average customer on the street isn’t going to spot this as our normal reaction is to believe a print out.
You have been warned.