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SandHill Road with apologies to Patrick Kavanagh

Following a number of discussions with James Corbet regarding the pending Paddy’s Valley trip to Silicon Valley and his requirement for an Irish song with VC overtures. I decided to write a song that was somewhat inspired by the Open Coffee in Limerick discussion regarding VCs and how they operate.
(To the air of Raglan road which is in fact the tune the Dawning of the Day)
(Imagine Luke Kelly with a banjo)
On SandHill road I saw the demo there and straight away I knew,
That this small app would save the world and make me millions too,
I saw the potential in a flash and wanted beta straight away,
All this happened at a coffee house at the dawning of the day.
On Cisco way in San Jose we skipped lightly hand in hand,
From a status review we could eschew that everything was in the can,
The system specs had yet to be checked but we thought everything was fine,
But the cardinal rule of design and review came to haunt us at a bad time.
We gave the programming team root access we gave them the secret signs,
That’s known to the admins who have known true gods of Unix and gnome,
And C and Glint we did not stint, we let them have their own way,
With their own system calls and their own multi-threaded code like clouds over fields of May.
On a quiet street where former dot Coms meet I see them walking now,
Away from me so hurriedly my reasons must allow,
That I had wooed not as I should the best programmers of their day,
When smart guys come calling give them 10 million and stock options or you’ll lose them straight away.