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Science Week Ireland – Students learn how to build computer games

TI have just finished hosting a successful 3 days of seminars which had 2nd level students designing their own console game for the PC and the Xbox 360. As part of science week lectures TI opened their doors to 510 students from 2nd level schools. The response and enthusiasm was over whelming,
Students worked in one of 3 groups to create their own game. The creation of a video game traditionally involved three disciplines: Audio, Graphics and Programming. The students designed their own graphics, recorded their own audio and decided how the characters and game would behave using programming skills.
The results were 5 different version of the classic game Space Invaders (Copyright Taito Corporation) using the Microsoft XNA developer framework.
A science week quiz was also held and hosted by the multi-talented Bernie Goldbach. I will be using feedback from both the quiz and the game design event to assist me in designing the Internet Technologies modules for semester 1 and 2 of our new Bsc Hons in Creative Multimedia