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WLAN vendors disagree over methods

WLAN vendors spar over methods- NWFUSION.COM
Wireless LAN equipment vendors drew sharp contrasts among themselves in the spirited debate of Network World’s Wireless LAN Showdown yesterday.
At the CeBit America trade show in New York, four vendors shot holes in each other’s arguments while struggling to put forth their own distinct visions of how wireless networking should be done. The result was a clear divide between the two established wired-network vendors, Cisco and Extreme Networks, and the two wireless start-ups, Airespace and Aruba Wireless Networks.”
The above report is all to familiar, as companies are jockeying for position in this rapidly expanding market.
Security issues were raised especially at the start of an installation where it seems both employees and outsiders are hell bent on breaking the network. Given the statistic that 60 – 80 % of security breaches are an “inside job” this does not surprise me.
What was surprising from this article was the fact that some companies though that a site survey was not necessary. In my opinion a wireless site survey is essential or else you are heading for trouble “Fail to plan and you are planning to Fail” springs to mind.