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Hacking Simplescalar – Adding Instructions

I’ve been very busy for the past few weeks working on Simplescalar. As a result this site has suffered.
My bookmarks for Simplescalar have now grown into some essential how-to and readmes for the adding instructions to simplescalar.
The first place to look for help on this is the simplescalar website as they have a readme on the machine.def file format.
The information is very detailed but adding the instruction part was slightly confusing. I came across some other sites however that provided more info.
Simplescalar Archives – http://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/simplescalar/ I would like to thank Guri Sohi at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for restoring the email archives.
YongKhui Han’s page – http://www-unix.ecs.umass.edu/~yhan/ describes how modify the compiler and simplescalar to recognise new instructions
Laura Pozzi a a PostDoc researcher in the LAP, Processor Architecture Laboratory, at EPFL, Lausanne describes how to add a new resource to simplescalar http://lapwww.epfl.ch/~lpozzi/words_on/toolchain.html
Inline assembly is sometimes necessary with simplescalar the GCC inline assembly how to is a useful resource. http://www.ibiblio.org/gferg/ldp/GCC-Inline-Assembly-HOWTO.html