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3 Skype phone will be the next gadget that I buy

As part of my job I analyse and use several gadgets on a daily basis. Science Week Ireland as promoted by Damien Mulley are wondering what gadget I would buy next. This is a tough question as I seldom buy them personally, I am usually more interested in examining them and discussing with my students how these gadgets work, the protocols they use and the platforms that they are built on.
The one gadget that I would consider buying is the 3 Skype Phone as I consider it to be disruptive and a natural progression in communication. The ability to make free calls to other Skype users (There’s about 240 million of them) is very attractive. If you have relatives in Europe or Australia on Skype you can ring them for free. From a technical point of view I am hearing conflicting reports on whether it will work over a GSM signal. I hope that it will as it may force me to reconsider my decision.
Initially the Skype service is being launched on prepay phones. I will wait however for the service to become available on pre pay services such as Talktime 100.