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Skype base station – the next killer broadband product

TIPPINST – Now that it looks like that Upperchurch will soon have broadband, my focus has turned towards how skype VOIP can be integrated into the average household with the minimum fuss.
To my surprise the product I need is not yet available. A number of companies have developed skype/analog phones or gateways with usb connectors so as to use skype. The bottom line however is that you must have your gateway connected to a pc running skype. This is not very practical. What is needed is a wireless product that does the following:
Base station communicates using wirless to your broadband router. The base station would have a linux micro kernel with skype preloaded.
The Base station should also have a analog phone line input.
The handset would be cordless and the user can select either to use analog or skype. Siemens have a handset in test development that already does this the Giga handset M34. You still require a pc however.
This simple product would have a siginficant impact on your phone bill. This would be an interesting project for some one out there.