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Decision time regarding solar panels for hot water – Avoiding the rip offs

We will be very shortly making a decision on who we will employ to install 4 solar panels on our house. The house is on a north south axis with very little roof space facing south. We are therefore going to place 2 panels east, 2 panels west connected to a 300 litre stainless steel dual coil tank (both coils made from stainless steel also)

If we use a recommended manufactured of solar panels and a recommended installer we will be entitled so a grant of 1500 Euros. The solar panels and tank can be purchased for 4,700 Euros approx. The twin solar flex internal preinsulated piping will add another 450 – 600 Euros to this.

Several plumbers who specialise in this area initially quoted 7,000 plus for supply and installation this means they are pocketing 1700 Euros for a days work. We will have to assess the quality of their work and their reputation when making our final decision.