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Spim – An Open Source RISC Simulator

As part of my phd research I require an open source RISC simulator. The candidate that seems to fit that profile is Spim.
Spim implements almost the entire MIPS32 assembler-extended instruction set. (It omits some complex floating point comparisons and rounding modes and details of the memory system page tables.) The MIPS architecture has several variants that differ in various ways (in particular, the MIPS64), which means that spim will not run programs compiled for all MIPS-based processors.
It was developed by James Larus, formerly: Professor, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison,currently: Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research.
Spim has the option to be cycle accurate and is available for Windows and Linux platforms.
If anyone is aware of any other RISC cycle accurate simulators, please email lnoonan_blog at yahoo.ie