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Sun Java desktop – Userfriendly Vs. Admin headache

The nice thing about having vmware installed on your laptop is that it allows you to play around with various OS’s with out losing complete productivity or sanity.
For the past few months Sun Java Desktop has been sitting on my shelf waiting pateintly to be installed. I finally got around to this yesterday. My impressions so far are:
1. It detected all h/w, audio cd burner etc on my dell latitude. After I installed vmware tools the display was rectified.
2. The default install has no devel tools installed so it was necessary to run yast2 to install the extra s/w and patch the updates.
3. Suse Linux runs underneath and is O.K. but coming from debian and redhat I found the package mangement a bit inflexible. I still need to find an alternative fto source for the OS.
4. Star office is nice and works like a dream
Overall this is ideal for the avg corporate user which the intended market. Power users however might find the nice wrapping a bit to prohibitive.