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Why didn’t the Sunday Times provide a balances and factual view on Eco Homes?

I was very disappointed with the Sunday Times supplement on ECO homes (26th October 2008). My overall impression was that claims were being made with out substantial evidence. Statements that claimed to cut oil bills by one third due to solar had me scratching my head.

The wind turbine section was inaccurate and did not reflect the range of turbines out there or critical factors such as placement, wind monitoring, yaw, need for turbine in an open space, why both smart and net metering is needed. I shuddered when I read that Wind Turbines can be clamped onto the side of a house.

Interview with an Energy Agency and their unbiased opinion would have made for better reading. Facts and figure with indepth analysis was sadly lacking

The Sunday Times needs to up its game if they are to be taken seriously