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Superprogrammers are not code terrorists

Jack Ganssle has an interesting article on embedded.com as to what a Superprogrammer is. He is quick to point out that programmers whose skills have been honed over decades of code terrorism, and have transcended any taming attempt by management are not in fact superprogrammers.
A superprogrammer in his book is someone who is very smart, adept with the tools of the trade, and are instinctively good at problem solving and structuring complex systems. Any “attitude” exhibits itself in strong biases about proper development strategies and a commitment to compromise neither elegance nor quality
This myth of the superprogrammer/hacker has been promoted by Hollywood and sometime in third level we see students who think they are superprogrammers when they enter first year. However, they quickly learn that to be a good programmer you need to be methodical and have a formal training in the art of problem solving. Coding flair does help but it requires the other constituents.