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Techludd Limerick – worth the 1 hour drive to get there

I managed to get to TechLudd in Limerick last night and it was worth the 1 hour drive. I managed to talk to some of the Open Coffee Limerick Crew as well as some people who can’t make the Open Coffee time slot. Conn from intruders was there recording and explaining to me how he is trying to redfine the old traditional recording metrics so content is produced in a more effective and timely manner. Jim Corbett and I had a good discussion about the pros and cons about silicon valley and why you should or shouldn’t go the USA. (Go for the VC access but come back to Ireland for the social infrastructure). The enigmatic John Kennedy was there also, John really enjoyed the event and the linkages it was creating. Pat Phelan was there also but I didn’t get a chance to have a chat with him as I was so busy talking to so many people. Some of the guys from the UL wireless research centre were there also and appreciated the fact that it was an evening event.
Jessica of blogcrumbs was also attending and snapping pics, She is a very busy lady as well as running blogcrumbs she also runs a blog that describes how to plan a wedding on a budget
I also managed to have a char with Ger Hartnett from CoClarity about the workflow involved in organising Robocode and XNA. I look forward to having further discussions with him about it,
A special word of thanks to Microsoft for their sponsorship and big thank you to the event organisers who I didn’t meet but you guys were great.