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Three Rip Off mobile’s attitude to mobile broadband

I had my sixth telephone conversation wtih Three customer services (never the same person twice) today regarding the issue that they charge me for email eventhough I pay for a 100MB broadband package for my mobile phone. (This was filed with Comreg on 28/2/08 and logged with three as a formal complaint)
Their position is:
1 – They will not make available online the exact terms and conditions of their Mobile broadband 100 product.
2- They charge for email regardless even though they have sold me a mobile broadband package and refuse to define what ports mobilebroadband uses.
3 – They have listed on their website the charges for email therefore they are entitiled to charge me eventhough I have a broadband package. They refuse to recognise or acknowledge the fact that I have purchased 100MB data download per month when calculating email billing (which uses the internet protocol IMAP)
Comreg have been contacted and the case has been escalated Three now have 7 working days to resolve this. But they told be today they wouldn’t.
Any one any ideas?