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The Three mobile broadband for my phone Saga cont’d – We may go to court

A very polite manager from Three customer services rang me at the weekend to explain that they charge for email and even though their terms and conditions don’t reflect this, they mean to continue charging.
He requested my assistance on this matter and was hoping I would help them in rewriting their terms and conditions so that IT WOULD BE CLEAR THAT EMAIL IS NOT INCLUDED UNDER THEIR 100 MB BROADBAND package.
This request seemed a bit strange as I would be capitulating and helping Three to charge customers for a service which they shouldn’t be charged for (based on their very vague and non descript terms and conditions)
I am also getting wound up about this at the moment as Three have a radio ad on Today fm where a customer gushes about the fact that she can check her emails as she has three mobile broadband for her mobile phone. Well that customer better check her bill very carefully.
I took some advice from comments left on the previous article and contacted the national consumer agency. They recommended that I send a registered letter to their customer service requesting the terms and conditions in writing from them, They are also recommending the small claims court.
I am not sure what if any effect the small claims court would have on this, if a ruling was made in favour is it legally binding for all customers? If you have some experience of this please email me at lnoonan_blog at yahoo.ie