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Retirement of my Nokia 6310i

Yesterday my Nokia 6310i was retired from active service. My requirements have moved on from wanting a phone that had triband and txt messaging with a good battery life to the following:
– Good Battery Life
– Wi-Fi
– 3G
– Access to work calendars
– Newsfeeds
– MP3 player
The 02 coverage where I live is very poor. I have coverage at our kitchen window but none at the Kitchen table. After much research and coffee chats with my colleagues I decided to buy the nokia e65 and switch to the three network.
So far my impressions are good. The phone is a communications swiss army knife and is quiet small. I don’t think it would be the best ever unit for writing emails as the screen is quiet small but the battery life seems good.
The 3G network is so so if I get the TI Wi-fi connection working it will make a considerable difference. I need to get my hands on a 2GB sd micro and download a few more useful apps to really exploit its potential.
The phone comes preloaded with Skype, Facebook, Ebay etc 100 Mb of 3G data cost 6 euros per month which is good value.