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Toyota Prius – More back seat room than a Ford CMax

A colleague of mine is the proud owner of a Toyota Prius. I am very impressed with the car. It is very roomy, the total width of the back seats is wider than that of a Ford CMax 5 seater MPV. The passenger experience is a joy, very quiet, very comfortable. Under new motor tax legislation it only costs 100 Euros to tax. Motorway MPG is somewhere between 47 and 49 MPG according to some car websites. The car brings together both technology and environmental considerations. When driving you can see on the display where the power is coming from, in slow traffic the car runs on battery and with out any effort switches to petrol when the speed picks up. When running on petrol you can see the battery being charged. Boot capacity is good too, considering the batteries etc that the car requires.
I can see myself in the future driving one of these or something similar.