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Top of The Tones – Ringtones now have their own chart

From the variety of tones that emit from our open plan office, I was not surprised to read that ring tones are to have their own
chart in the UK.
Music industry association the Mobile Entertainment Forum and KPMG have launched a fortnightly top twenty chart for downloadable mobile phone ringtones.
The MEF Official UK Ringtones Chart is the first chart to be compiled from confidential data provided by ringtone licensees and is collated by KPMG. Participating firms include Amplefuture, Buongiorno/Vitaminic, Infomedia, Musiwave, Opera and Phonefurniture.
The first artist to be number one in the new chart is Eamon, with a ringtone taken from the former number one single “I don’t want you back.”
The predictions are that by next year that ringtone revenue will surpass sale of singles.
The popularity of ringtones is a prime of example of micropayments. If you can convince some one to spend 1 euro per week and scale this across a teenage market your are certainly on to something big.