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Upperchurch Drombane Community Broadband Scheme

The drums of a revolution are quietly drumming in the background. We have grown sick and tired of waiting for telcos to bring broadband to the rural hinterlands and have instead mobilised ourselves to attract broadband providers to our area through the County and Group broadband Scheme
The objective of the County and Group Broadband Schemes (CGBS) is to promote the rollout of broadband access through the establishment of sustainable broadband services in towns, villages, rural hinterlands and underserved areas of larger towns on the basis of local/regional authority coordination and community driven initiatives. The scheme is open to all smaller and rural communities of less than 1,500 people. It enables local communities to draw up and implement their own broadband plans either on their own, or in partnership with broadband Internet service providers.
We had our initial meeting last week and are now in the process of gauging local interest. If you are interested in broadband and are from the upperchurch drombane area send me an email to the following address
The more people that are interested the more attractive it will be to a broadband provider to provide a service.