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Visitorville – Web traffic Analysis meets the Sims

Thurles- What happens when you cross the Sims with boring Webtraffic access logs.
Answer: VisitorVille
Now you can watch your weblogs interactively and enjoy the experince.
The code is pasted to your web pages and an application runs on your desktop PC. The price is 30 dollars per month.
The demos are mindblowing and where an instant hit with my web guru colleagues in Tipperray Institute
Acoording to the company
“VisitorVille is a cutting-edge program that takes a radical new visual approach to web analytics. VisitorVille makes data mining simple and accurate, easily performing tasks that are impossible to accomplish using traditional web analytics solutions.
VisitorVille provides visual, intuitive insight into your web site’s success. It instantly shows you traffic patterns, advertising success (PPC & SEO), visitor demographics, and how real people interact with your site in real time. It answers the critical questions that you (and your colleagues) have about the effectiveness of your web site and online marketing campaigns.

VisitorVille: Web Site Intelligence for Creative Thinkers. Visitor Analytics – Web Site Statistics – Traffic Monitoring – Clickstream Analysis – Live Help.