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VoIP will exceed traditional voice by 2010 in the business sector

According to the IDC the business sector is embracing VOIP at an unprecedented rate. Network world highlight the 10 VOIP companies that you should keep an eye on. These companies specialise in assisting companies to make the transition smoothly and expand VoIP to wireless phones, handhelds, laptops and other devices.
With the nokia n series it is becoming possible to use VOIP. Some of the phones however appear to be hamstringed so that they only work with your VOIP PBX Nokia E50 for example. Other phones such as the Nokia E61 are capable of working with VOIP suppliers such as blueface
It is not surprising to discover that the mobile phone companies are very slow to release these type of phones out of test and onto the Irish market. If the phone resembles a PDA eg. the E61 then it stands a better chance of being released as it seen to operate in a distinct sector when compared to the traditional mobile phone.
The Nokia E60, when it finally comes out of test with the mobile phone companies, will offer VOIP in a traditional handset.