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Upperchurch Weather Station

I now have a WH1080 weather station up and running in the back garden. Local and visitors will tell you that it is windy in upperchurch. We will now know how windy, rainy, temperature etc.
The unit records wind, temp, pressure and rain using two double AA batteries and sends the info to a touch screen wireless controller in the house. The touch screen uses 3 double AA batteries and has a USB port.
Data is averaged out over 5 mins and can be downloaded via usb using the easy weather app that ships with the weather station
The weather station is 4 metres above ground and was purchased from the ukweatherstore on ebay.
I hope to configure a low power minature linux box to post the data to the internet.
Last night we had a peak gust of 11.9 metres per second and 4.8 mm of rain fall. The kitchen dropped in temp from 25 to a low of 16.3 degrees C.
WH1080 Weather Station Kit