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Affordable Wind Data logger kit

TIPPINST – We are giving some thought towards using wind energy to offset our electricity bill. My renewable energy colleagues recommend that you measure your wind speed for at least one year so as to figure out the best wind turbine option. APRS offer a reasonable wind data logger package for measuring wind speed.
It records wind speed, wind gust, wind direction, time and date, temperature, battery voltage, and other important wind parameters. The Wind Data logger easily supports both simple and complex monitoring applications. The data logger can be used to record wind speed from a single anemometer, or it can be used for complex studies involving multiple wind instruments and other sensors.
The Wind Data Logger records directly to a Secure Digital card to provide nearly limitless logging periods. An inexpensive 128 megabyte card will store over a year worth of data at 30 second intervals. This means fewer trips to retrieve data from the wind data logger.
The kit costs 350 US dollars plus 50 dollars for shipping, import duties etc may apply
Companies such as proven energy’s 2.5 KW solution and the wind save WS 1000 (which has been tweaked to produce 1.36 kw) provide solutions that plug into your mains so as to offset your ESB bill.
The Irish Govt has been publicising new initiatives to encourage commercial wind energy but yet domestic wind energy is not covered by grants. Also its not possible to sell any excess energy back to the Grid. If the Govt are serious about renewables, these issues need to be addressed.