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Zarlink researching body area networks

OTTAWA, CANADA, July 13, 2004 Zarlink Semiconductor (NYSE/TSX:ZL) announced today that, as a partner in the ˜Healthy Aims™ European Union Framework VI project, it is researching novel in-body antenna designs for Body Area Networks.
Healthy Aims program partners are developing a range of medical implants to help the ageing population and those with disabilities. Zarlink was selected as a project partner and secured a significant grant because of its experience in ultra low-power and wireless product design.
Body Area Networks enable wireless communication from implanted medical devices to a base station up to three meters away, allowing healthcare professionals to easily gather device performance and patient data.
Zarlinks research and development activity will focus on novel in-body antenna design and ultra low-power communications systems for implanted devices, such as hearing aids and muscle stimulators.
Transmitting signals from an in-body device to an external receiver poses unique design challenges, including power consumption, frequency, size and biocompatibility concerns. For example, different body tissues muscle, bone and fat exhibit varying resistance to electrical signals. Accordingly, antennas for wireless implanted
Zarlink Semiconductor Developing New Medical Implant Technology as Partner in˜Healthy Aims Project